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GLOBAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE is continuing and managing by GITA CHOWDHURY EDUCATION SOCIETY and has dedicated them in this society. By imparting education through disciplined and strong theoretical as well as practical training including Computer Application on easy and understandable process in Montessori, Pre-Primary and Primary. They are making glossy career within the educated Female students so that the trained students may be self dependent and make their future glorious.

The opening ceremony of our Institution for Nursing Training was inaugurated by the Respected Physician Dr. Ajoy Kumar Samanta, Vice President of GITA CHOWDHURY EDUCATION SOCIETY. To mark the beginning of the prestigious Institution, the Organization Head, Sir Chandra Sekhra Chowdhury, Secretary: Smt. Moumita Roy Chowdhury, Assistant Secretary: Smt. Poulami Ghosh Chowdhury along with staff and the students with their parents were present to be a part of this remarkable event.

Thus GLOBAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE has excellence to establish glorious future of their students who will be the original backbone of the society. We have opened our new branch at Baruipur Near Railway Station. The admission procedure for the first batch is commence from July 2017.


Principal's speech

A very good day to you...

It is our pleasure to welcome you to "GLOBAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE. We at Global Technical Institute believe that every student is special. Each and everyone are blessed with talents. We encourage a spirit of healthy competition that will enable our students to spread out their wings as they step out of school and build a successful career. In our institute we provide training on computer fundamental, spoken English and personality development besides regular curriculum to enable our students to become a teacher or an administrator in modern-day educational system, so intensive classes on computer and spoken English & grooming are taken on regular bases. Nursing as profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families and communities. so, they may attain, maintain or recover optimal health and quality of life. Our Institute have started Nursing Medical Training Course of 2 years. In our institute we have got a "Placement Cell" which actively work to look after the placement related issues of our students. I am sure students and teachers will make full use of these opportunities to give vent to their creative talents and leave a mark everywhere as we ever willing to celebrate their success. "Giving the very best to every student and giving importance to their all-round development "is common objective BEST OF LUCK. I conclude by saying that GLOBAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE is now going to be a big family, we are proud to be a part of this lovely family and take this opportunity to join all ex-students in saying.



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Affiliations & Collaborations

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